Discount Code Reports

A detailed step-by-step guide with explanations on what discount code reports are and how you can view them from within your freewebstore control panel.

The discount codes report gives you a detailed list of all discounts that have been used on your store.

Every time one of your active discount codes gets used, it will appear in the list that is displayed in this section.

This section gives you the information for each discount used. This includes:

  • Order Number - this is the order number of the specific order that this code was used on.

  • Discount Code - this displays the code used for this discounted order.

  • Discount/Deduction - this is the amount of discount your customer gained whilst using the code.

  • Used Date - this is the date and time the order using the discount code was placed.

  • Order Net - this is the price of the item before the discount/deduction is applied.

You can also use this page to view the full order that the code has been used on as well as being able to see the customer records of the customer that used it.

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