Add a New Product

A simple step-by-step walk-through detailing how to add a new Product to your free online store from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

One of the first things you are going to want to do on your free online store is to add a product to your free online store. Freewebstore allows you to upload as many products as you wish so don't hold back.

How Do I Add a New Product?

To add a new product:

  1. Login to your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  2. Go to the Manage > Products > Add a Product section located in your Control Panel and a new window will appear.

  3. Enter the Product Name.

  4. Enter a price for your new product.

  5. Create or add a product to a category.

  6. Add a relevant image for your product.

  7. Add a product description to tell your potential customers about the product you are selling.

A product description should be between 305-400 words, or however long is necessary to address the main features of the product and a brief overview of its benefits to the consumer.

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