A step-by-step guide with explanations detailing what Kashflow is and how to setup Kashflow from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

Keep your accounts under control

Running a small business is tough enough without the distraction of complicated accounting.

KashFlow small business accounting software has been designed to save you time and effort by letting you manage your accounts on your terms anywhere, anytime.

  • No accounting knowledge is required.

  • Easy to understand accounting system for small businesses.

  • Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce orders with accounting software.

  • VAT is automatically updated & can be submitted to HMRC.

  • Share directly with your accountant for easy management.

  • No jargon.

How do I enable KashFlow?

Integrating Kashflow for your business could prove to be a life-saver by providing you with the ability to improve your work-life balance by taking control of your accounts.

To enable this app and apply its time-saving abilities:

  1. Log in to your control panel.

  2. Go to the App Center.

  3. Click Enable App and then again in the window that pops up. Finish this step by clicking Go to App.

  4. Make sure that you follow the instructions on this page as closely as you can. Any mistakes here could lead to the app not working as it should. This page should look like figure 1.

5. Once your Kashflow account is all set up, return to the Kashflow app within your control panel and enter your username and password in the relevant fields at the bottom of the page.

6. When you are happy with everything, click Save.

When you have completed the setup, it is always a good idea to test it. Create a fake order and complete the checkout process. This order should then appear in your Orders section within your freewebstore control panel. Go to this order and a panel should appear towards the bottom of the right-hand side inviting you to add the order to KashFlow. Click the button you see in this panel.

Then go and check your Kashflow account for this order, if it isn't there, go back through the instructions above to make sure all of the information needed, is correct.

If you do see your order in your Kashflow account, SUCCESS!!! Your Kashflow account has been integrated successfully and there is nothing else you need to do here. Enjoy the extra time you have just created for yourself!

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