Cart Saver Pricing

A detailed look into exactly what the Abandoned cart saver feature will cost you to use in your Freewebstore Control Panel.

Our Abandoned Cart Saver is a very important and lucrative tool. It has the potential to recover your lost sales.

This feature requires you to deposit credit in your control panel. To keep this feature active, your credit balance must not drop below 0 (see our Auto top-up feature to see how you can stop this from happening).

One of the best things about this feature (we think) is that you DO NOT need to upgrade for this feature and you DO NOT have to pay for this feature. This means that our system will send an unlimited amount of cart saver emails for free until an email that is sent to your customer recovers and converts a sale that had been previously lost.

So, in short, only pay when YOU make money from this feature.

How much does it cost?

So let's put this is in perspective.

In a month (31 days), without the cart saver feature, you lose out on $5000 worth of sales due to customers abandoning their carts. The month after, you activate the cart saver and you have lost out on $5000 again, only this time, the cart saver feature has managed to save you 50% of this total. That is $2500 that you didn't have before. For using this feature, if you are on the community plan, freewebstore will have taken just 5% percent of this total.

If we said to you, "If you pay us $125, we will give you $2375 in return" you would jump and shout "YESYESYESYESYESYESYES".

That is essentially what is happening here. You do not pay anything until you make money.

What percentage of the total cart will I pay on my current plan?

As you can see from figure 1 below, you only pay a percentage (decided on which subscription plan you are on) of the total cart that your emails convert.

You simply cannot afford to miss out on this feature. A no-brainer.

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