The Basics

A step-by-step walk through with explanations for how to build a simple rule (Free Shipping over $25) from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

When you set up your first shipping rule, you will be faced with three options on which to base your rules:

  • Weight - The rule used will be determined by the total weight of your customer's cart (Recommended). You will need to make sure all of your products have a weight added to them.

  • Price - The rule used will be determined by the total price of your customer's cart.

  • Quantity - The rule used will be determined by how many products are in your customer's cart.

Once you have selected your base rules, you will be asked to create your first rule. The first question you are asked for is to provide a name for your first rule. This can be named anything you want, however, we do recommend it is somehow descriptive of the rule you are creating. For example, if you want to create a rule where any cart totaling over $25 incurs free shipping, you should probably name your rule Free shipping over $25.

Once you have named your rule, you will be asked to enter the minimum and maximum price, weight or number of items that will trigger your shipping rule. So, based on the rule mentioned above (Free Shipping over $25), you will need to enter $0 in the minimum field and $24.99 in the maximum field. Once you have set the desired parameters for your rule, you will need to set the cost of your rule. You can make the cost of shipping a percentage of the total cart price or a fixed cost. If you have checked the fixed cost option, you will need to enter the cost of your shipping rule (incurred between the parameters you have set) in the relevant field. Once you are happy with the parameters set and the price you have set for the shipping rule, click Add Band.

To finish the rule in this example, we need to add a few more things. You will need to add another band to your existing rule to implement the above example. To add a band you will need to click the Add button underneath your rule. This time when the little window pops up, you do not need to edit anything (in this example, you may want to add more bands to a more complicated rule with different prices for different bands, etc), simply click the Add Band button.

Now you have added the new band, you will see that one band will charge 'X' amount for orders that fall between $0 and $24.99 and any orders over $25 will not charge a fee for shipping (unlimited).

Once you are happy with the rule created, Save.

When you are finished, your shipping rule should look something similar to the rule seen below.


  • Each Postage Rule covers a single method of shipping e.g. Standard Delivery, Next Day Delivery, International Shipping etc.

  • Each Rule can contain multiple Bands Each Band should cover a different order value, weight or quantity. For example, orders between $50 - $100.

  • For each Band after the first, the Minimum value will always be set as low as possible You only need to enter the Maximum for each Band after the first. For example, you can set the first Band's Minimum to whatever you want; each subsequent Band's Minimum will automatically be set to the previous Band's Maximum to ensure there are no gaps in your Bands.

  • The final Band in each Rule will automatically apply to all orders above the ranges covered in your Bands.

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