Promotions Overview

A simple step-by-step guide detailing what the Promotion Overview and the elements within it mean within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

When you have created some promotions, your promotions page should look something like it does below.

This section displays:

  • The promotions you have already configured for your store.

  • An Edit button that allows you to edit the promotion by sending you back through the wizard steps you completed when setting the promotion up initially.

  • The name of your promotion.

  • The promotion icon for the type of promotion configured for that row.

  • The status of your promotion. The different statuses are:

    • Running - displays when your promotion is active

    • Disabled - displays when you have set your promotion to disabled.

    • Scheduled - displays when your promotion is scheduled to start more than 14 days in the future.

    • Starts Soon - displays when your promotion is scheduled to start less than 14 days in the future.

    • Expires Soon - displays when your promotion is running, but due to end less than 14 days in the future.

    • Expired - displays when your promotion has passed the expiry date set. You will need to edit your promotion or delete it.

  • Eligible products - If you have selected All Products when configuring the promotion, you will see this in the column. If you have specified certain product groups, you will see a button that will allow you to see all products included in the promotion.

  • A toggle showing whether your promotion is enabled. Green = Enabled. Red = Disabled.

  • A delete button. This will only display for a promotion that is disabled (So it is hard to delete a promotion accidentally).

Remember: Any promotions created will be displayed on your store and applied automatically during the checkout process when applicable.

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