Shipping Regions US

A step-by-step guide with explanations walking you through how to set up more specific shipping rules within the United States

Sometimes, setting the states within the US as your available shipping destination for your shipping rules is not accurate enough. This is why we allow you to set specific regions of the US and its states to ship to using custom zipcode filters that will allow you 100% customisation when it comes to selecting the regions where your shipping rules are available.

How to set up a rule with zipcode filters

To set up a rule with custom zipcode filters:

  1. Log in to your control panel and head over to the Manage > Shipping > Manual section.

  2. Click Add New Rule or choose to edit one of your existing rules.

  3. Select ANY or ALL states within the US and click Continue/Next.

  4. You will then be asked if you would like to specify filters for this rule. You can click No and simply continue setting up your rule, making the rule available to the entirety of the UK or you can click Yes and set up filters. As you here reading this, you want to click Yes, specify filters.

  5. You will now see an input box. You can type as much or as little of a zipcode as you would like to cover. For example, if you only input 90 into the box and click + Add Filter you will notice that the filter box below will explain the meaning of only inputting this value.

  1. When you are happy with the filter you are adding, click + Add Filter.

If you would like to add a range of Zip codes as a filter, check the Create a Range check box above the grey panel. This will present you with 2 input boxes where you can create a filter for a range of zip codes.

You can have up to 20 custom filters for any zip code you like.

  1. Once you are happy with the filters you have created, click Continue/Next and continue creating/editing your shipping rule.

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