Twitter Tweet Button

Twitter allow you to add a Tweet Button to your store to let people share it on Twitter without having to leave the page. For more information on this widget and to get started, please visit the following page:

To add a Tweet Button to your store, please carry out the following steps:
  • Visit
  • Customise the Button however you want using the tools on the page. This step is optional.
  • Copy all of the code from the box at the bottom of the page by highlighting it pressing Ctrl + C or right-click and select "Copy".
  • Visit to the Design > Customise Design > Banners section of your control panel, click the TOOLS > SOURCE CODE toolbar option in the editor, then paste in the code (Ctrl + V or right-click and select "Paste").
  • Once the changes have been saved, the Twett Button will appear on your store.