Google Domain Names

Visit and login to your account.

Click the DNS icon for the domain name you wish to attach to your store.


You then need to edit the "Custom Resource Records" for your domain name. This section may or may not already have some records.


Add the following two records to the "Custom Resource Records":


It can take up to 48 for the Custom Resource Record changes to filter through and become active, although it generally only takes a few hours. Once enough time has passed, login to your control panel and visit the Marketing > Domain Name section to attach the domain name to your store.

Additional Help - Subdomains

You may want to attach a subdomain name to your store such as or instead of your main domain name If this is the case change the CName from:






Additional Help - Default NameServers

If your domain name isn't working after 24 hours you may want to check that your domain names NameServers are set to the registrar's default. If they are not set to the default and you have email or other addons attached to your domain name, you may want to get in touch with the Freewebstore support team for further information - If they are not set to the defaults and you have no email or other addons connected to your domain name, go ahead and reset them to the defaults.