An Introduction to Managing Your Stock

This section will display all of your products and their associated stock levels, together with a few additional details to help you identify the product. Stock management is an optional feature and you are free to ignore it if you do not want to keep track of your stock levels. If you do choose to keep track of your stock, the stock levels will automatically be updated when a product sells.

You can also use the Settings > Stock Settings section of the control panel to set how you would like your store to behave when a stock becomes out-of-stock.

At the bottom right of the list, you can see how many products are listed in total and on how many pages (for example, "60 items in 12 pages"). To change the number of products shown on each page, please use the "Page Size" dropdown menu at the bottom of the product list. To change which page of products you are currently viewing, just click on a page number at the bottom left of the list, or use the Next, Previous, First or Last page links shown to either side of the page numbers.